Washington, D.C. – Tribal Ready, a leader in bridging the digital divide in Indian Country and other underserved areas, announces the acquisition of SWAG Fiber. SWAG Fiber was previously a Mississippi-based internet service provider (ISP) that focused on areas that larger ISPs do not serve. Now, as one entity, Tribal Ready hopes to expand beyond central Mississippi to cover other unserved areas nationwide.

“Both Tribal Ready and SWAG were united by the goal of providing reliable internet access to unserved and underserved regions nationwide,” said Joe Valandra, CEO of Tribal Ready. “With
SWAG Fiber’s infrastructure, we will better serve Tribal lands where major ISPs lack presence.”

Tribal Ready will incorporate SWAG Fiber’s customer-centric approach to providing high-speed, reliable, and affordable connectivity and bring to fruition the belief that every resident can
participate in the digital economy. As Tribal Ready’s Vice President of Technical and Network support, Chris Wohlsclagel will be responsible for managing the existing and new relationships
brought in through the acquisition.

“As a company, our mission is to connect, empower, and elevate Mississippi and other regions that are underserved by major internet providers,” said Chris Wholsclagel. “By acquiring SWAG
Fiber, Tribal Ready will harness resources and technological advancements to provide reliable internet access throughout Tribal communities in the region.”
About Tribal Ready
Tribal Ready is a Native American-owned-and-governed company with decades of expertise in communication network design and delivery to high-cost rural areas. Our team has the knowledge and relationships vital for tribes to access broadband grant funding, as well as the trust necessary to preserve culture and advance tribal sovereignty. We are committed advocates for tribal sovereignty, fighting for the right to govern our own communities and benefit from access to modern technology. Our mission is to ensure that high-speed broadband reaches every Native American individual and community.


CONTACT: Melissa Kaszuba
May 15, 2024 732-865-6687, melissa@uriascommunications.com