Tribal Broadband Strategic Plan

A Tribal Broadband Strategic Plan (TBSP) is a comprehensive document that outlines goals and initiatives aimed at improving access to high-speed internet connectivity in a geographic area or region. A TBSP typically includes detailed information on existing infrastructure, planned upgrades, projected costs and timelines, and potential funding sources.

One of the primary objectives of a TBSP is to identify and address gaps, with the goal of expanding coverage to underserved or unserved populations. Effective implementation can yield significant economic and social benefits, from improved job creation and education outcomes, to enhanced public safety and healthcare delivery. Successful execution of a TBSP often requires collaboration between government, private industry, and local stakeholders, along with a transparent and accountable governance framework.


A TBSP is crucial in today’s digital age because it ensures that every citizen, regardless of their location, has access to high-speed internet. The internet has become an essential part of daily life, including education, healthcare, banking, and communication. Without adequate broadband access, individuals and communities experience significant disadvantages and economic disparities. A strategic plan helps identify the areas where broadband access is lacking and allocates resources to provide coverage. It can also assist in improving infrastructure and connectivity, creating new opportunities for economic growth and

A comprehensive TBSP is essential to ensuring that everyone has access to the internet, creating a more equitable and prosperous society.

Tribal Ready produces TBSPs for customers to ensure that their broadband connectivity needs are met. In developing a plan, we examine the customer’s current broadband infrastructure, future requirements, budget, and growth expectations. By analyzing these factors, our strategic plan can be developed to address any shortfalls in the current broadband infrastructure and provide a roadmap for future expansion. Our TBSP also considers the latest trends and developments in the broadband industry, such as the emergence of 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). Overall, our TBSPs help customers secure a reliable and future-proof broadband infrastructure that meets their needs and supports their growth.