1. Planning and Funding. Creation of a detailed analysis and planning document for a broadband network project that can also be leveraged in ongoing and future funding applications, network deployment phases, and feasibility analyses and in most cases, drafting grant applications for submission.
    • Grant Cure and Management. Working with the funding agency to cure any issues identified in the application. Helping Tribes understand the requirements of the grant and to setup systems and processes to manage the grant including setting up compliance and reporting systems.
    • Virtual Tribal Broadband Office. TR has created the Virtual Tribal Broadband Office (VTBO) to assist Tribes in gathering data to close the gaps in existing broadband mapping. This is free for Tribes to access and utilize these tools. The data collected is the sovereign property of the Tribes.
  2. Workforce Development. The training is designed to provide a regime resulting in a fully trained and certified workforce giving community members the opportunity to access well-paying careers in broadband.
  3. Deployment. Review of the network design resulting in a specific detailed network design to be used for all deployment Requests For Proposals (RFPs) as well as prepare and review RFPs and supervise the deployment to ensure that the deployment remains on time and on budget.
  4. Operations. Partner with a Tribe or consortium of Tribes to operate, manage and maintain ISP operations and local on the ground support.
  5. Cybersecurity. – Planning and implementation of comprehensive cybersecurity measures.