Scott Dinsmore

Chief Revenue Officer

Pakan’yani Maidu of Strawberry Valley Rancheria

Calling upon over 20 years of award-winning experience in network, sales, and marketing, Scott has been able to bridge the divide for large and small organizations looking to expand their footprint and forge a path into the future. In addition to supporting his Tribe (the Pakan’yani Maidu of Strawberry Valley Rancheria) and their initiatives as co-chair, he founded The One Native Nation Foundation, Inc., a 501c3, non-profit, aimed at providing scholarships for Native American youth from both federally recognized and unrecognized Tribes.

Scott believes connecting Native communities to the highest quality broadband service available is fundamental to Tribal Data Sovereignty and self-determination. Concerning our Native communities, it is now time to ensure not only this generation but all future generations have the same meaningful access to healthcare, economic opportunities, and education as most of the United States currently enjoys.

He resides north of Boston with his wife, two daughters, two rescue dogs, and a leopard-spotted gecko named Edward. In his downtime, he likes watching his kids play their respective sports, playing soccer, boating, snowboarding, working out, and enjoying a great meal with family and friends.

Lastly, some words that serve as his guide post: Do not stop watering the corn while you count on the clouds to bring rain.” — Chief Dan George, Coast Salish