Druce Dooley

Manager, Wireless Design

Druce Dooley is Manager of Wireless Design at Tribal Ready, a Native-owned and controlled company focused on providing expertise and resources enabling the Native communities to take charge of their destiny. Druce believes a step towards equality and inclusion is closing the digital divide in Native communities to enrich opportunities for all Natives allowing their history, character, strength, and inherent values to be exhibited while maintaining Sovereignty.

With over 25 years of experience as an Engineer, Druce has worked in various technology ranging from embedded systems to WAN networks. After receiving a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, Druce entered the Technology Sector as Firmware Engineer developing cutting-edge PC/Server based solutions. Moving forward in his career, as a System Administrator, he oversaw a network for distributing video content across North America by planning network deployments (terrestrial and extra-terrestrial), developing new solutions, and maintaining servers and edge devices.

In his previous position, Druce was an Application Engineer, responsible for developing, improving, and supporting cell-based IOT solutions in the Transportation Industry with regard to safety. He was also changed to Product Manager for Cell Connectivity and Video Solutions, responsible for addressing and resolving cell-related issues for the companies 34,000+ devices across the US.